LEGO Pirates returns with the LEGO Icons 10320 Eldorado Fortress set

On 14 June 2023, the LEGO Group announced the return of one of its most popular themes, the new LEGO® Icons Eldorado Fortress set which is based on the original LEGO Pirates theme.

LEGO said: “The highly anticipated return of the Pirates theme is in response to high demand from LEGO fans, after it topped the charts in a recent 90th anniversary vote on the LEGO Ideas platform.”

LEGO Icons is pitched at their 18+ market and there is little doubt that this will be well received

LEGO Icons 10320 Eldorado Fortress set

LEGO Icons 10320 Eldorado Fortress set

LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322

The base plates of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay are in medium azure, which is identical to that of the Eldorado Fortress. Just wow! The release of the Eldorado Fortress will definitely increase the value of Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

The 2509 piece Eldorado Fortress set is highly detailed and features the fortress and a working port, a jail, a working crane, trap doors, plus an imperial ship and small pirate rowboat. The set comes with six soldier minifigures and two pirate minifigures.

LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322

The dimensions of the fort (in open configuration) measures 10.5 in. (27 cm) high, 27.5 in. (70 cm) wide and 9.5 in. (24 cm) deep.

LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322

The configuration of the Eldorado Fortress allows the builder the flexibility to display the set in a number of different ways.

This set is almost modular, but appears to use a Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Open O Clip Thick (Vertical Grip) similar to the below image.


The Eldorado Fortress is built on medium azure plates. I love the way that this set is constructed. It is built on top of dark bluish grey rocks which are very realistic. The buildings are predominantly in yellow and white. The thought and details that went into the design of this set are amazing.

Consider the walkway down the ramp toward the dock and see the placing of pieces with studs that will allow you to put the minifigures in different places. There are vantage points throughout the towers across the set for soldiers to be garrisoned.

I am looking forward to seeing how all the moving parts operate, like the trap doors and working crane. Is their hidden treasure somewhere in the set? What Easter eggs lie in wait for the builder?


The retail pricing of the set $239.99 / £189.99/ € 239.99 and according to Brickset that means that the price per piece is 8.6c / 7.6c / 8.6c.

The pieces used in this set are simply beautiful. The affordability is the cherry on top.

For South African readers, the Great Yellow Brick has announced the set will retail at R 3,699.00.

Final thoughts

Although this set is pitched in the LEGO Icons market, which is 18+, there will be countless enthusiasts in the younger generation begging their parents for this set. The playability in this set is high. It will play well with other pirate themed sets.

This is a stunningly beautiful set and something to look forward to. Releasing in early July 2023, fortunately we do not have long to wait.

Congratulations to designer Pierre Normandin on a job well done!

The question for me is whether this is the beginning of more pirate themed sets to come. I certainly hope so.

Happy building!




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