Adult Lego

Adult LEGO® …

Wait really?

Absolutely! LEGO is brimming with adult-targeted sets that enable us to live out our wildest fantasies in brick form, whether it is building a Star Wars speeder or a castle themed landscape.

LEGO were so committed to adult-targeted sets that it replaced its Creator Expert branding in favour of packaging that carries the 18+ branding. By doing this, LEGO suggests that certain sets are more complex and more suited to adults.



Out of interest, set 10273, Haunted House, launched in 2020, is acknowledged as the first set to carry the 18+ age range.

 AFOLs – what is this?

Adults who enjoy building with LEGO are often referred to as Adult Fans of LEGO – or AFOLs.

 LEGO stimulates creativity

LEGO encourages building with instructions and “freestyle” building. Freestyle building with LEGO holds no boundaries. Creativity is only limited by your imagination.

Different bricks, parts and colours hold seemingly endless combinations to build landscapes, cities, vehicles and machines. Lego allows you to build unusual designs, which depart from following instructions. If you can imagine it, chances are, you can build it.

Creativity is can also be structured through using apps such as LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) or Studio where you can digitally create your own models. If you are looking for ideas, why not look through for

Relieving stress

Building with LEGO provides a way for you to relax in a creative way. In a recent survey by LEGO, the company found that 91% of adults felt noticeably better after playing with the building blocks, while 86% said that it made them feel more relaxed.

The repetitive working with LEGO definitely helps to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

As so eloquently puts it, “From wonders of the world to movie magic, intrepid space exploration to pop culture icons, luxury cars to architectural masterpieces, there’s a LEGO set waiting for you. So unplug, unbox and unwind.”

Read all about it.

LEGO® have many adult lego sets on offer. They make excellent and totally unique gifts as well as providing a wonderful escape from life. A haven of playtime to satisfy and restore your creative juices.

The scope is broader than you probably thought….

LEGO® offers a staggering large array of adult lego sets. Want to view all they have to offer? Just head on over to their adult section with the link below… it’s a

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