LEGO 10318 Concorde release announced

The LEGO group recently announced the release of the iconic 10318 Concorde set.

Masterfully created from 2,083 pieces, the set measures 105 cm (L) x 43 cm (W) x 15 cm (H), the Concorde will go on sale from 4 September 2023. The set is released as part of the Icons series and pitched at the 18+ age group.

LEGO Concorde

Some interesting facts about the Concorde

The Concorde was a supersonic airliner that was jointly developed and manufactured by Sud Aviation (France) and the British Aircraft Corporation (United Kingdom).

The first flight was 2 March 1969 and last commercial flight was 14 October 2003.

The primary operators of the Concorde were Air France and British Airways.

The airliner could maintain a cruising altitude of 18,300 metres at speeds up to Mach 2.04 or 2,170 km/h.

The seating capacity was 92 – 120 passengers with measurements of 61.66 metres (L) x 25.6 metres (W) x 12.2 metres (H). The Concorde was operated by 2 pilots and 1 flight engineer.

LEGO Concorde 2

About the build

There appears to be quite a bit of functionality in the build such as the landing gear which pops open when the nose is tilted downwards.

I love the look inside of the Concorde, and seeing the combination of LEGO system and technic pieces used in perfect “harmony” to create the working interior of the airplane.

LEGO Look inside the Concorde

The designers have allowed for a section of the plane to be removed to show off the seating arrangement and toilets in the interior.

LEGO COncorde Details

Concluding thoughts

This is a beautiful creation and the designers are to be praised for what they have achieved. I love the sleek design and that this is very true to the real-life appearance of the Concorde.

I like the fact that the Concorde can be displayed on a stand that allows the aesthetics of this aircraft to be gorgeously shown off.

For the price conscious, I think buyers should be accepting of RRP with the price per piece in mind. The recommended retail pricing has been published as follows:

USA $199.99 / UK £169.99/ Europe €199.99 / South Africa R3,799.00

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