LEGO NINJAGO City Markets 71799 – Coming Soon

LEGO NINJAGO knocks the socks off their fans with another super set. Weighing in with an impressive 6,163 pieces and dimensions measuring H: 46 cm (19”) × W: 51 cm (21”) × D: 25 cm (10”), this is another majestic set to the NINJAGO City range.

LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising

It sits just perfectly alongside previous NINJAGO City sets. Perhaps not as tall as previous sets, it appears to be wider. Why not combine this with previous NINJAGO City sets. Some clever photo editing by Stonewars shows what might be possible.

70620: NINJAGO City

70657: NINJAGO City Docks

71741: NINJAGO City Gardens


LEGO Stone Wars

Image: Stonewars

NINJAGO City Market comes with 21 minifigures, which comes with Lloyd, Nya, Detective Zane, Blacksmith Kai, Urban Arin, Urban Sora, Miss Demeanor, Houndog, McBrag, Chamille, Dareth, Cyrus Borg, Racer Seven, Gayle Gossip, Vinny Folson, Sushimi Chef, Baker, Boat Vendor, Street Vendor, Borg Store Employee, Tea Vendor and Dojo Kid.

LEGO Minifigures Ninjago City Market

The beauty of NINJAGO City Market is that it allows for so many play options and plenty of imagination.

LEGO City Market Ninjago

For me the joy of the NINJAGO City Markets is the splendour of the colourful building across what appears to be two 32×32 base plates. The designer was not afraid to mix dark purple, red, bright light orange and lime into the building. Whatever the colour, it works!

LEGO City Market Red Bridge

Everywhere you look there are interesting pockets of activity. The red bridge in the foreground with a bright yellow orange cable car rising above. Pick up freshly-baked pretzels and croissants at the bakery.

Too much going on, take some time and play a little pool at the Karaoke club or hang out with Arin in his apartment.

There is a working loo too at Sushimi’s sushi bar. There is also a wheelchair-friendly lift from the station to the walkway below.

LEGO City Market Set

If you are not blown away by the beauty that the building promises to offer, there are plenty of Easter eggs throughout, pieces in new colours and the potential of new pieces to forward to.

Releasing in early June 2023, we do not have too long to wait.

When it comes to pricing, I think that this is probably just right:

US $ 369.99 | UK £ 319.99 | ZAR 6,199.00

Happy building!

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