LEGO BrickHeadz 40619 Review – EVE and WALL • E

It is Disney’s 100th year celebration. LEGO are celebrating their birthday with some iconic sets. EVE and WALL • E definitely fits the brief. The 2008 movie was a huge success and both characters are instantly recognisable. It must have been an easy decision to design these characters in LEGO.

When I saw a friend building this and it was an instant must for me.

Inside the box

The set is produced with 155 pieces, which seems to be much fewer than you would expect for two BrickHeadz. The box contains three numbered bags, two loose 6×6 black plates and two instruction booklets.

I always appreciate plenty of different colours in sets (yes, yes, they need to make sense, and look great in the final product), so loved seeing a few neon yellow bricks in the bag for EVE. My mind loves to wonder how something so flashy will be used in the set.


The build

As you would expect, this is a relatively easy build, but still satisfying. Build this with a cup of coffee or in an evening when you are looking for something that is not too intense.

The booklet instructions are easy to follow.

Being a little OCD (or is it CDO, alphabetically correct), I started with WALL • E. His dimensions easily allowed for building him in LEGO. WALL • E is the only character in this set that had printed pieces. There are no stickers.


The genius of using hinge pieces for his head are better seen from behind. The finished model has WALL • E holding a red brief case and the plant that gave hope to mankind (watch the movie!).


EVE is possibly less suited to the BrickHeadz look, but nonetheless, EVE is beautifully finished. The interior is full of colour with the exterior being finished mainly in white and black. The finished EVE is given the appearance that she is floating just above the surface.


There are a few extra pieces in the set and came from the building of WALL • E.


For BrickHeadz collectors, this is an amazing addition. You will not be disappointed. If you are a Disney fan or just celebrating their 100th milestone, this is going to be great for you.

I was looking forward to building this set. It was fairly easy build, but tremendously satisfying. When my wife first saw it, she was ecstatic to see it. It hit the mark for her.

This is an easy set to recommend.

The recommended retail price of the set is:

Happy building!

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