LEGO City – new sets coming in the next few months

Brick Fanatics and Jay’s Brick Blog have released a list of 13 new LEGO city sets that are coming in the next few months.

Having collected all the 2018 City Arctic sets, there are a few sets in this season’s release that will look great in my collection. Maybe even time for that MOC where I can add these new sets to my display. I may need plenty of white base plates, but this is doable.

The full list of sets is listed below with their Euro pricing:

60362 Car Wash – €19.99

60363 Ice-Cream Parlour – €34.99

60364 Street Skate Park – €54.99

60365 Apartment Building – €84.99

60366 Ski and Climbing Centre – €104.99

60376 Arctic Snowmobile – €9.99

60377 Underwater Exploration Ship – €29.99

60378 Arctic Explorer Truck & Mobile Lab

60379 Deep Sea Submarine – €104.99

60368 Arctic Explorer Ship – €149.99

60380 Downtown – €209.99

60391 Construction Trucks and Wrecking Ball Crane – €49.99

60398 Family House and Electric Car – €52.99

60368: Arctic Research Ship

Perfect for the Arctic theme displays, this is an 815-piece set that comes with a nice size ship. Price per piece is definitely on the high side, which is possibly because of the ship. There are plenty of features in this set that make it attractive, such as the orca, beautifully appointed ship, helicopter and small exploration vessel. For me, this is a must have.


60376: Arctic Snowmobile

 This 70-piece set is a perfect addition to a snow or Arctic themed display. The blue, black and orange makes this a good fit. The big plus are the seals, which I think are new to LEGO.

60377: Underwater Exploration Ship

This is a 182-piece set that is quite pricy when looking at the price per piece, but comes with a number of attractive elements, which will look great in an underwater or Arctic theme. It comes with two (new?) sea turtles, a skate, hammerhead shark and underwater plants.


60378: Arctic Mobile Laboratory

I am really looking forward to this set. What a great fit to any past Arctic themed MOCs. It is definitely in my list of sets to get. There is not too much information on this set, but it looks stunning. This 489-piece set comes with four minifigs, an exploration laboratory on skis, a snow plough of sorts, and what about the polar bears. Mama and cubs – wow!

60379: Deep Sea Explorer Submarine

What a good-looking set. 842 pieces in the set that includes a beautiful shipwreck occupied by a few sharks. The exploration submarine fits perfectly in this scene. The scuba divers remind me of a friend who has a comprehensive collection of divers. These will be a nice addition to his collection.

60380: City Centre

This appears to be the largest of the City sets that will be released in this wave. Weighing in at 2010 pieces, the set looks great (pun intended)!

It is another set that could easily be adapted for your town theme. It comes in with 4 levels to the structure. I count 13 minifigures in the set, which includes a wide variety that really do give this a vibrant feel. There are two distinct towers to the build with a really nice walkway connecting the towers.

The use of colour for the different apartments and levels are beautiful. I am curious to see what will be prints or stickers. Either way, the use of prints and stickers feel just right for this set. I look forward to seeing this when it is released.

Are there any must-have sets for your City collection? There are plenty “for” me.


Happy building!

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