LEGO Friends releasing in second half of 2023

Friends is one of my favourite themes in LEGO. Their sets are always so colourful and vibrant. Their playability is high and they usually “play well” with other Friends sets.

Despite all the new sets releasing now, I am always excited to see new Friends sets. has announced three new sets coming later this year. They are releasing just as the seasons are changing from Autumn to Winter in the northern hemisphere. All three sets are also perfect for your Winter village theme and landscape.

41756: Holiday Ski Slope and Café

41760: Igloo Holiday Adventure

41758: LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023

Holiday Ski Slope and Café

This is the biggest of the three announced. With 980 pieces, this set promises to deliver maximum value. It includes three mini dolls Liann, Zac and Aaron.

Friends 2023

The stand out features for me are the ski slope, the snow-covered trees in the background and the beautiful snow fox.

There is an abundance of features to inspire imaginative play such as a secret cave. There are snow boards, skis and helmets for the ski slope. Hot chocolate cups, soda cans, a croissant and camera all add to the accessories in this set.

Igloo Holiday Adventure

Also releasing 1 September is the Igloo Holiday Adventure set. calls this a “glamping dome and icy scene”, which is think very aptly describes the scene. Built with 491 pieces that includes mini dolls, Aliya, Paisley and Ella, the set allows you discover exciting new locations within the Friends universe.

Friends 2023 Igloo Holiday Adventure

The dome opens which allows you to explore the cozy interior. There is also a seating area, fairy lights, fire pit and steam pool to explore for more snowy role-play stories.

I love the inclusion of the two sled dogs which are pulling Paisley on the snow sled.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023

It is exciting to get our first look at this year’s advent calendar. Yes, that’s right. This year’s advent calendar.

This year the scene is a pet-themed playground. There are plenty of bits and pieces that keep you coming back each day for exciting new additions to the playground.

Friends Advent Calendar 2023
Friends LEGO 41758

Each day holds more excitement with the promise of amazing micro-builds. There are eight pets to make this an astounding playground. Stand out features include the mini train, see-saw, Christmas tree, snow man and many others to make this an exceptional experience.

Which set are you looking forward to?

Happy building!

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