LEGO Ideas 21338: A-Frame Cabin releasing in February


LEGO Ideas has produced another stunning set for LEGO enthusiasts. This is No. 46 in the series and is a something to look forward to.

Fortunately, we do not have to wait long, as it is available from 1 February 2023.

In 2021, LEGO fan designer, Andrea Lattanzio, achieved the required 10,000 supports necessary to advance to the next stage in the process towards becoming a LEGO Ideas reality. Andrea is a talented designer with several other designs that could easily be considered for production. [Here is an interview with Andrea that gives us some background to his passion.]


Talking about his design, Andrea said, “I was looking through a book with many strange houses from all over the world and I discovered the A-Frame, and it was love at first sight. I started with a sketch, so I had a clear vision and then built my design in about 10 days.”


Below is the original design submitted by Andrea, which was also featured by Tips & Bricks for several clever techniques.

Lego Ideas

What is an A-Frame cabin?

An A-Frame Cabin is a building style featuring steeply angled sides (roofline) that usually begin at or near the foundation line, and meets at the top in the shape of the letter A.

About the set

The A-Frame Cabin is beautifully designed with so much detail. It features two-stories with an upper bedroom and ground floor consists of a living room and kitchen. From videos and images provided by LEGO, the interior is easily accessible, as the roof is easily removable.

The set’s dimensions are 28 cm (h) × 44 cm (w) and is built with 2,082 pieces.

LEGO Ideas A Frame Cabin

In the details

The set contains many interesting building techniques that promise to keep the builder transfixed throughout the building process. Just look at the use of Thor’s hammer beneath the porch.


There is so much detail and texture in the exterior finish. See also the wood finish using 1 × 3 tiles, bird house, firewood stack and chimney. I like the dark green windows built into the cabin. They provide a nice contrast to the building.

The set comes with four minifigures, an otter, two birds and two different butterflies. The butterflies offer new prints, which add to the features of this building.

The trees are full of vibrant colours. They are almost autumn colours. Colours include dark red, bright light orange, sand green and green. Yes, the trees are not quite like the original submission, but they do offer interesting techniques. I like the way the tree features are connected to the sides. Almost feels like a MILS connection.

[What is MILS? This is short for Modular Integrated Landscaping System. It is a ‘standard method by which several base plates can be connected to one another in a larger landscape.]

There is an opportunity for a landscape builder to use this set in a bigger landscape. What about something in which more trees are built alongside this structure?

Looking inside

The interior of the A-frame Cabin offers almost as much detail as the outside.

The first floor offers a feature rich kitchen that includes “blue milk”, a stove and sink. There is a nice little office nook with a typewriter and office lamp. The upper floor is a bedroom area that provides a cosy living space.


A FRAME Cabin Looking Inside LEGO Ideas

Of interest is a tile (it looks like is a 2×3 tile) which illustrates an earlier submission that Andrea submitted, but not approved. It feels like a very kind tribute to Andrea.

In conclusion

 This is a beautiful set that offers the builder many interesting feature rich details. I am looking forward to the release of this set and the opportunity of building the A-frame Cabin. Roll on February.

Happy building!

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