LEGO Ideas – November 2023

I have to admit that I really love browsing through the offerings in LEGO Ideas. There are so many creative ideas that deserve appreciation and support. Regretfully too few get to “support” level.


In this edition of LEGO Ideas, these are three of the many that I have supported.




I am biased when it comes to anything Interstellar. It is a movie I have watched a few times. It is a soundtrack I have listened to many, many times. Hans Zimmer’s score is a master piece. This is a movie I absolutely love watching. So, to find a this in LEGO Ideas, it was an easy support from me.


This set, referred to as the Ranger”, is designed with 532 pieces. It comes with two minifigs, Cooper and Dr. Brand, and TARS and CASE. Only one of TARS or CASE will fit into the spaceship.


The set is true to the original spaceship and I am happy to support this. Here’s hoping it gets the support it needs, as I would love to have this in my display.

LEGO Ideas November 2023
LEGO Ideas November 2023 interstellar

Roman Forum

This is a submission that could easily have been something in the Architectural theme. But in LEGO Ideas I think it is a winner. It is beautifully constructed with pillars with a fluted profile and ornate decorative profile in the roof above.

 The use of white, dark red, pearl gold and tan are perfectly balanced to make this a lavish forum. There are seven minifigs, if you include the white and pearl gold mono-minifigs, in this set, including infantry and cavalry items, a horse and two statuettes in pearl gold to finish the look.

Here’s hoping this makes it through to the next round.

LEGO Ideas November 2023 Roman Forum
LEGO Ideas November 2023 Roman Forum Pillars
LEGO Ideas November 2023 Roman Forum Pillars

Round House Ski Lodge

Designer ‘Thomas the Cross’ describes the lodge: “Since 1939, the Round House has been a refuge from the cold weather in Sun Valley, Idaho. Resting at 7,700 feet (or bricks in this case!), the lodge features a unique octagonal architecture, elevated on a platform of rocky terrain, but its eye-catching structure is only a small part of what makes this set special.” 

“The roof and walls are all fully-removable, making the interior accessible for countless hours of fun. For me, the whole point is playability, which is why I tried to add in details and special moments all over the set–from the kitchen drama to the frozen plumbing. I didn’t want any area to feel like a forgotten space or a wasted opportunity, and I think that led to some of my favourite elements in the end.” 

Playability is definitely high in this creation. There are many minifigs throughout the building to add to the fun and play of this set. The winter look and feel are perfectly captured with snow covered rocks and roof. It will make a grand statement in any winter village theme. 

I love the detail put into this set with stairs, railings and outside deck. Yes, I mentioned plenty minifigs, but there is also an owl and dog in the build. The interior is warm and inviting. The interior is quite busy, however, every piece adds to the charm of the lodge. 

Here’s hoping this gets the support it needs to be considered by LEGO.

Round House Ski Lodge LEGO Ideas 2023
Round House Ski Lodge LEGO Ideas Nov 2023

Happy building.