LEGO Ideas September 2023

LEGO Ideas offers a platform for every day heroes to show off their finest creations. Inventiveness is at its absolute best. I love browsing though new submissions and finding some gems.

Framed Art – Riverside Dog Walk

This submission is unusual. But I like it. Simple in its choreography, yet it is appealing. The skyline is broken up by simple shapes that hold my attention. Although the foreground could have a little more, perhaps this is what allows the artist the opportunity to accentuate the background.

I love the unpretentious use of parts. It gives an amazing 3D feel to this.

For me, this a project worth supporting. If nothing else, this could fit very nicely into the LEGO Art theme.

Out of interest, this is one of three “Framed Art” submissions in a series by the “artist” liayaaaa.

Steve Irwin & Majestic Crocodile

There is something deeply nostalgic in this submission for me. I grew up watching Steve Irwin, also known as The Crocodile Hunter, as he made wildlife conservation very appealing. He was the ultimate “zookeeper, conservationist, wildlife educator, and environmentalist”.

Steve Irwin’s passion was gripping. There was never a dull moment with Steve Irwin. This set by “King of Crocs” easily gets my support.

The designer says, “The crocodile is not green because there are no purely green crocs in real life! The colours and patterns of my model were made to match the most common ones in real saltwater crocs.”

Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg – Overtime

MOCingbird is no stranger to LEGO Ideas, as there have been multiple entries over the past few years. “Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg” is the second time this submission has been entered. The previous “Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg” submission reached support “phase”, but was not approved.

This submission sends a “playful” message regarding waste we put into our sewers, but serious message regarding the harm we do the environment. “Over time fat, oil & grease and all kinds of rubbish accumulates in pipes and sewers, starting to form big lumps that eventually develop into monstrous fatbergs.”

The set comes with 2,521 pieces and measures 27 cm x 22 cm x 27 cm (approximate W x D x H). It includes plenty of detail at every level in the build that includes 8 minifigs.

I hope that this submission gets the support it needs and gets approved, as I would love to see this on display in my LEGO “dungeon”.


Are there any gems that we should be supporting? Let me know.

Happy building!

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