LEGO Review | LEGO Singapore Skyline 21057

LEGO® Review | LEGO Singapore Skyline 21057 Review

I was really looking forward to build this set. I have never built anything in the Architectural theme. I have built some microscale buildings. So, this being my very first Architecture set and building in microscale, this was a beautiful match.

Set number                20157

Theme                        Architecture

Release                      January 2022

No. of pieces             827

LEGO Singapore Skyline 21057 Details

The box comes with an instruction book and five numbered bags.

The instruction book begins with an introduction to Singapore, the senior designer, and then some details about the different buildings that feature in the skyline. This is well worth reading to get context.

Throughout the book, there are snippets of information that tell the builder a little more about how the structure represents actual parts of Singapore. For example,

Bag 1 creates the base for the buildings constructed on top of it.

The base’s design creates multiple opportunities on which to build Singapore. Once completed, there were parts of the base that left me wondering how the design would use these.

For example, on the left, the red 1×1 tile is wider than the 1×1 open studs around it. In addition, there are places created (see right) where it appears that something will clip into it. For me, this added to the experience, as I was constantly looking forward to see what happens next.

Bag 2

This bag adds the Riverwalk Apartments, the Boat Quay, Pasar Besi, the Fullerton Hotel and the OCBC centre.

Because there are no stickers in this set, there is good use of printed bricks to provide detail such as in the OCBC centre and Fullerton Hotel. I could not help think of the parts going into the structures and their usefulness for AFOLs building on a microscale. Such beautiful variety.


Bag 3

adds One Raffles Place.

I loved the use of 1×1 and 1×2 transparent black plates. Combined with the white elements, the One Raffles Places is a stand out feature of the skyline.

Another point to enjoy is the way that the structures of OCBC Centre and One Raffles Place clip into the base structure. I thought this was ingenious.

Bag 4

brings in the Marina Bay Sands. What a majestic element it is.

Although the Marina Bay Sands were first released on its own (21021) in 2013, and there are many similarities, the use of transparent dark blue tiles to the front makes this a stunning ‘makeover’.

Bag 5 completes the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

The Gardens by the Bay, with its magenta plant, makes this an exciting and visually appealing skyline to behold.


the build was immensely satisfying. The use of colour and parts made this a pleasure to build. Although this is my first Architectural build, and I do not have the benefit of comparison to others, I loved every moment of this.

Consequently, if you enjoy microscale, architecture, or just love Singapore, this set is easily recommended for your collection.

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