LEGO brings new construction figures to the Super verse

I collected 19 of the Star Wars buildable figures before the theme was retired. Most of them are still sealed. They make great display pieces and a few of them have greatly appreciated in value.

This is why I was so excited about seeing LEGO bring new construction figures. My dilemma is to build them for display or collect them for investment purposes … or both!

There were several super hero buildable figures produced in the early 2010’s. Before my time in LEGO was fully sparked. I was however fortunate to get 4527: The Joker from a local store who found old stock in their warehouse. It was the only one they had. So, it remains sealed in my collection.


Released in 2022


There were four sets released in 2022, which I will need to quickly decide on. Add them to my collection or not? I display several times a year with my LUG and these construction figures will make a lovely display.


76206: Iron Man Figure

76225: Miles Morales Figure

76226: Spider-Man Figure

76230: Venom Figure


New sets announced for 2023


76256: Ant-Man Construction was released earlier this year (± February). It is superbly built in dark red, black, grey and red. It stands 24 cm (9.5 in.) tall. Because it is fully jointed, it can take on many different action poses.


LEGO Marvel Superverse

One added bonus for collectors is that this set comes with a Minifigure, Utensil Statuette / Trophy, The Wasp. This set is inventoried on BrickLink. However, with very few of them trading, you will probably need to buy the set to get the statuette for your collection.


LEGO the wasp statuette
LEGO Wolverine Construction Figure
LEGO Captain America
LEGO Batman

The sets are built with 275 – 327 pieces. Just released, but I will be very interested to see if what they look like constructed. The Star Wars buildable figures were impressive and realistic. I am hoping that it is the same for these sets.

The recommended retail price appears to be around US $25.00 – $40.00 (ZAR499.00 – ZAR549.00). Although not yet published, it appears that the pricing for the new 2023 released sets will be in a similar price range, if not closer to US $40.00.

Are there any of these sets that grab your attention or you are thinking of buying?

Happy building!

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