New LEGO Creator 3-in-1 revealed

New LEGO Creator 3-in-1 revealed

The website recently provided details of the release of two new Creator 3-in-1 sets. The sets are due for release in August 2023. They are fairly large (in piece count), but equally good-looking.

31141 – Main Street

With 1,459 pieces and 6 minifigures, this set is a natural addition to your town or village creation. It is built in bright and cheerful colours.

The main model in the set has so many apartments, which are better seen from behind. There seem to be around 11 places where your minifigures can be displayed. There is a nice drummer and drum set that goes together with a guitarist. I really like the yellow wheelchair.

For the buyer who is looking useful pieces to add to their parts inventory, this is a set worth considering.


31142 – Space Roller Coaster


The Space Roller Coaster is built with 874 pieces and comes with 5 minifigures. It would a great addition in any amusement park for a space theme bit of fun.

The main model is a figure of 8 roller coaster includes three moving carts that roll past a decorative space rocket, models of the Earth and Saturn, a moon base and a meteor which is can be illuminated with a light brick. The inclusion of a baby (in blue) in a space suit is a nice touch.

The Space Roller Coaster can be rebuilt in two more fun rides.


One is a drop tower that appears to have a manually operated functionality. Look top left of the below image where you will see what looks like gear that can be wound. I am interested see how this is used in this model. The space shuttle that accompanies this model is a nice touch.


The third model provides the alternative of an UFO spinning space carousel. Look at the minifigures whizzing around enjoying their ride. It is a great use of pieces. I like the little build of a robot character (bottom left).

All in, both sets are something to look forward to. They offer great alternate models to be built and there is something for everyone.


Happy building!

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