New LEGO in 2022

New LEGO® in 2022

Each new year brings a new buzz of excitement with new many new LEGO® sets that are launched. 2022 is no exception.

Chinese New Year

It is the Year of the Tiger. Celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2022 with the colourful and beautifully decorated Lion Dance Guy (40540) or Lunar New Year Traditions (80108).

I am looking forward to seeing the Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109), which holds 13 minifigures, promises superb building techniques and vibrant colours.


Monkie Kid

I am pleased to see the return of new wave Monkie Kid sets in 2022. There are 7 new sets and vary considerably. There is a distinct space undertone in some of the sets. One of the sets has a 3-in-1 styled set (80030 – Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations), which allows for creativity.

The set I am particularly excited about is 80036 – The City of Lanterns. It includes 7 minifigures. It comes with stunning pieces and some of the building technics look great. First impressions of the images of the set lend from the Ninjago City. So much amazing colour! And for those conscious about the price per part, this set offers tremendous value.

Minifigures – Series 22

A new series of Minifigures (71032) has been released in January 2022. Apart from the interesting variety of Minifigs that the series brings, there are also many useful extras that are new to LEGO®, and will be useful to MOC builders.

For example, the Snow Guardian introduces a new dog, Husky with Blue Eyes. Chilli Costume Fan has a new hair piece in red, the Groom comes with a new horse in dark orange, and the Troubadour comes with a new musical instrument, a lute in medium Nougat.

Which minifigures will you collect?

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