LEGO Review | BrickHeadz Monkey King – 40381 Review

LEGO Review | BrickHeadz Monkey King – 40381 Review

It has been a while since I built a LEGO BrickHeadz. No better way to reawaken this than the Monkey King, which I did built alongside Ahsoka Tano (40539).

Some basic details about Monkey King:

• Set number: 40381
• Theme: BrickHeadz
• Year: 2020
• No. of pieces: 175

The Monkey King is a legendary mythical figure that is a central character in the 16th century Chinese novel, “The Journey to the West”. The Monkey King, also known as Sun Wukong, is set as a superhero in this classic novel as he accompanies a Buddhist monk, Tang Sanzang, on his quest to India, in which he becomes his protector.

LEGO pays tribute to this legend with the BrickHeadz Monkey King.

The appearance of the Monkey King is predominantly dark orange, tan, bright light orange and red. He holds a majestic staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang, which is equipped with metallic gold ends. Apart from the stunning prints used to bring detail to his front, metallic gold pieces are used to show off his shoulders.

His eyes use pearl gold, and this is unique to this set.

I love the use of the red plate at back used to depict his cloak.

The Monkey King is elegantly finished with two long red feathers that extend from the top of his head. This gives the impression of something regal. It also adds something unusual that makes it stand apart from other BrickHeadz.

Overall, this was an enjoyable build and well worth acquiring for your collection.

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