Review: LEGO 40639 Bird’s Nest

Review: LEGO 40639 Bird’s Nest

This is a set that my wife asked for. She wanted it for her office desk. And of course, I was delighted to put something LEGO there for her. What a great choice. Something colourful, detailed, but easy on the eye.

Inside the box

The box holds 232 pieces in three smallish bags and an instruction booklet. The set has a beautiful array of colours such as orange, grey, brown, blue, pink and bright-light orange.

LEGO 40639 Bird’s Nest

Build experience

This is a 9+ set, so not an intense build.

There are many lovely building techniques in this set including the use of SNOT methods to construct the birds.

Bag 1 is for the “mama” bird in orange and dark bluish-grey. In bag 2, we build the nest, branches and flowers which jut out of the side of the nest. Bag 3 completes the nest with two chicks and three brightly coloured eggs.

I recommend building this in the evening with a nice cup of tea or coffee. I enjoyed the experience as it was not difficult and allowed me just enough time to remove from the stress of my working day.

I am attracted to anything that includes a kaleidoscope of colours. This set did it for me. It was a simple build, but the stimulation was spot on.

Although this was a 9+ set, the playability is limited. There are, however, several enjoyable techniques in which children can learn to build.


LEGO 40639 Bird’s Nest birds

LEGO 40639 Bird’s Nest Conclusion

This set makes a great display piece regardless of whether it is your office desk or a display cabinet in your lounge.

For those who are interested in the extra pieces left over after the build, this is what you will find.

This is a relatively inexpensive set that will make a great gift for any AFOL. Even though this is a 2023 set, it looks like LEGO stores have might not hold stock for this set (at least my local store has this as sold out now for a while).

 USA –  $12.99

UK – £10.99

Europe –  €12.99

South Africa – R279.00


I see it is available on, so there are opportunities to get this set. Get it while you can to build or as an investment.


Happy building!