Rivendell, 10316, the one LEGO Set to rule them all

Having watched the trilogy countless times, I am excited to see this set being produced in LEGO. “The one LEGO set to rule them all” is such an awesome way to launch this beautiful set.

Coming soon from 5 March 2023 onwards. Thankfully we do not have long to wait.

The set is produced as part of the “Icons” theme and is part of the 18+ range. It contains 6,167 pieces. Rivendell includes fifteen minifigures (that is, if you do not include the six Elven statue minifigures).

Rivendell measures 72 cm (L) by 39 cm (H) by 50 cm (D) and is built in three sections.


Section one features The Council Ring, Frodo’s Bedroom, and Elrond’s study. Section two features the Eleven tower, which includes five Elven statues. Section three features the gazebo, river and bridge.


Throughout the build, there is immense depth, which tells a beautiful story. There are diverse scenes wherever you look, which all increase the beauty of the set.

Looking at the set from behind, you can see just how much attention to detail went into creating multiple scenes from The Lord of the Rings™. With so many minifigures, there are opportunities everywhere to create your own setting and story.


All said and done, there are two aspects of this LEGO set that get me excited.


The first is the colour arrangement throughout the set. These are simply beautiful and easy on the eye.


First impressions are autumn colours. Although light bluish grey is the dominant colour, there is a beautiful mix of sand green, nougats, tans and greens. They all blend to create a stunning picture that captures my attention.


The second is the stunning use of pieces. As an example, look at the scene of The Council Ring.


There are new colours and new pieces that grab my imagination. Nougat chairs with hot dog pieces. The new leaf pieces in the foreground. Cupcakes in the colonnades.

The creativity by the set designers is “off the charts”.

Perhaps the 1×1 tiles used on the roof sections might be a little monotonous and tricky to execute, but there is no doubt that this finishes off the scene and makes this a highlight.

Dubbed “the one set to rule them all” is a big statement to make about any LEGO set. With so many details, amazing piece usage, colours and features, this set comes very close to living up to this reputation.

The Lord of the Rings is back in a big way in 2023 with a stunning new set and BrickHeadz sets. I am looking forward to the release of 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell.


Happy building!

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