The Starry Night LEGO Set 21333

The Starry Night LEGO set 21333

Inspired by The Starry NIght by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh struggled with severe mental illness. Although he did suffer manic episodes, he was mostly lucid. Van Gogh was described as intelligent and well-read – especially in art. He prolifically produced his art despite his state of mind (and not because of this).

vincent van gogh starry night

In his last years, as a painter, he was given space and freedom to create. It is said that his art kept him alive. His work ethic as an artist was phenomenal and spent much of his time creating new art works. He produced a new completed work every other day.

His work was characterised by optimistic art works. He worked quickly and often finished a canvas in hours. His influence is said to include Japanese art and prints.

He was mostly self-taught and did not paint until he was around 30 years old. His last 4 years would be his most prolific and the years by which we know Vincent van Gogh’s art today. 

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Van Gogh painted The Starry Night on 18 June 1889.

The Starry Night depicts the view from his window on the upper floor from his asylum room. Although he had painted a number of views from this window, this was the first nocturnal piece of this view. As he could not have painted it in the dark, it is likely he painted from memory in his studio.

“Great Art Explained” believes that the Starry Night was an amalgamation of the night-time and early morning views that Vincent van Gogh must have seen from his room window. It is possible that the swirling strokes around the stars and moon was influenced by a sketch of Lord Rosse in 1845, 44 years before this painting.

This amazing LEGO release is a tribute to a famous painting by Vincent van Gogh.


The set was designed by Truman Cheng, a 25-year-old Hong Kong based LEGO fan, through a submission on the LEGO Ideas platform, and has been created in conjunction with The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

LEGO says, “the three-dimensional set reimagines Vincent van Gogh’s renowned 1889 painting in LEGO form, with strong emphasis on the artist’s striking brush strokes and colour choice.”

How many pieces is The Starry Night Lego set?

The 41st LEGO Ideas set contains 2,316 pieces. When built the set measures L: 38cm, W: 21cm and H: 28cm. When it built this amazing set can stand on its own base or hung on a wall by its hook.

How much is The Starry Night Lego set?

In South African stores, the set retails for R 2,999, and it does not appear that there will be a price increase in September 2022. Internationally, the RRP is US $169.99, UK £ 149.99, and EU € 169.99.

Happy building!

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